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Native American & Indigenous Alliance

Promotional Design For Event to Grow Memberships

Native America & Indigenous Alliance (NAIA) is a club of College of the Canyons, which needed our help creating print and social media marketing materials to help them promote their Dreamcatcher Re-Educate event.

Image of the NAIA flyer designed by Intersect GMD students.

The Purpose

The club invites students, faculty, and staff who associate with Native American or Indigenous background to join in sharing experience and learning with the goal to honor and respect their roots. 

Their goal of the Dreamcatcher Re-Educate event was to grow the club's exposure and memberships, as well as to share the history of the Ojibwe tribe and their the lore of dreamcatchers.

Our Process

Because the club was brand new, they didn't have any brand assets. We used this project to help us explore potential visual directions—from colors, imagery, to fonts. We later used our research, helping NAIA develop their brand identity.

We started this project by meeting with the client to conduct a discovery session to gain a high-level understanding of their needs.

Thematic Research

Each team member conducted research pertaining to Native America & Indigenous themes.

Conceptual Design Explorations

We took insights from our conversation and conducted individual research to create mood boards containing colors, fonts, and imagery. We then reviewed them as a team to collect common themes.

As part of this project, we also interviewed a fellow designer who shares Native American background and shared our design direction to gather their input.

Based on our peer interviews and client feedback, we revised the designs through several iterations to create and deliver the final designs.

The Outcome

We created a flyer to be posted on campus. We also created an informational handout to be distributed to all of the attendees during the event. And we also created matching social media graphics to help advertise through multiple touch points leading up to the event.

The final designs were shared in a campus-wide email, on Associated Student Government's (ASG) social media, around campus, and during the event.

Final Deliverables:

  • Flyer Design
  • Informational Handout
  • 2x Social Media Graphics

The final design of the flyer promoting NAIA's dreamcatcher event.

The design featured an accompanying handout, which showcased a different background illustration depicting the history of the Ojibwe tribe and their lore of Dreamcatchers.

We created matching social media graphics that helped promote the event as well. One announcing the event, and another reminding attendees on the day of the event.

"I want to make sure this doesn’t sound like I’m just throwing accolades around. I work in advertising with different parts of College of the Canyons, and Intersect is fantastic and professional. Their designs are more than I could have hope for. I can’t thank them enough for the time and creativity that they put in these."

— Wendy Trujilo

Director of Advertising and Social Media, Public Information & Founder of NAIA at College of the Canyons