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We’re here to develop your brand identity, generate social media content, layout product packaging, build your website, and create awareness for your business.

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Step One

Your Brand Has a Mission

To establish your brand's narrative, you need to be able to clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and who you're for. Instead you are...

Feeling overwhelmed, and not getting the results you wanted.

Struggling to engage customers, leaving them confused.

Missing that “spark” that successful companies seem to have.

Having trouble finding a reliable design team, and can’t afford to hire in-house.

Step TWO

Our Designers Can Help With...

We provide a wide range of creative skills to help you with your marketing, graphic design, and creative needs to help your mission stand out.

Step Three

Your Brand, Transformed

After working with us, below are some of the benefits you may expect, based on our previous experience working with mission-driven organizations.

Build long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with your customers.

Make your message clear through a consistent visual identity.

Create an experience that converts people from awareness to action.

Have a team of creative pros at your fingertips, for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

Get peace of mind knowing that your brand is in good company.


Meet Our Team

Intersect|GMD is a remote collaboration of current students and recent graduates of the Graphics & Multimedia Design (GMD) Department at College of the Canyons.

Learn more about the team and our mission.

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